Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wargamin' Democracy - McFoul is as McFaul does

If you ever wondered why Vlad "are they wearing condoms" the Putin doesn't like US administrations, wonder no longer. They spend their time trying to organise velveteen revolutions against him.

So when Barack "the plant" O'Bummer-Obama announced a reset in US-Russian relations, as reset implementer he chose neo-con Democrat and professor of regime change, Michael A. McFaul, making him US ambassador to Moscow. You see nominative determinism at work.

When he arrived his team of 'Russian opposition leaders' and 'election monitors' dutifully appeared at the US embassy to receive their instructions, to the stunned incredulity of Russian news audiences. Shades of Mark Arbib(except in Australia we don't care about the treachery of our representatives). (Who gives Hairshirt Harry his riding instructions?)

If you've heard of Yabloko - the Russian 'liberals', they were there. By liberal they mean they will open up opportunities for children to work 12-hour shifts in the salt mines. (and therefore, true liberals) . There were 'environmentalists' and 'feminists', co-opted for the cause of US imperial ambition

More pictures to come

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  1. Q. What's the difference between Mark Arbib and a lap dog?

    A. Exactly!