Monday, October 31, 2016

Real Estate Agent from Hell

Jamie Packer's whale hunting has come to nothing despite all the shark netting around Barangaroo - the harpoon exploded in his hands. But look what he did land, Mike Baird, the leading real estate agent in Hell, seen here selling beachfront property by an ocean of Grange, or is it blood?

Monday, October 3, 2016

Priests of CO2 dance up a storm

Barnaby Joyce is not a happy man.

It's not just what windfarms do to him personally, it's a matter of national security

Pull out the lagerphone, it's time to get serious!

Like Hamlet, the dead man is out walking with his friends, the heads of his friends - Arthur Sinodinos, Mal Brough, and Mitch Fifield.

There is only one thing to do. Malcolm Turnbull must grasp the instrument and dance up a storm

Our PM speaks in crosshatched waffle - if you listen you can *hear* the Turnbull tartan in the drone

Keep the sacred fires burning at Hazelwood and Eraring. Infernal wind machines sucked a hellish cold blast from way down south - look what happened in SA?

Shakety-shakety-shake shake woohoo woo, see the chief witch doctor play his lagerphone and sing to his anthracite fetish, the Black Jesus of Wahroonga.

Hunt and cunt compared? One is unfairly maligned, the other is a prick