Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pursuing Kim Tim Jim Dotcom on a whim

 John Key has to admit: $10 million in New Zealand bonds was a very good investment. I apologize to all New Zealanders (and all the other millionaires with residency)

When the US Justice Department says 'jump', administrations around the world say, 'how high?' In an important case like this police don't bother to adhere to the law, gets in the way. 

It's a terrible shame when the 'guilty party' can afford decent legal representation

Entertainment industry racket:Eric Holder walks into Megaupload and smashes all the fittings, then informs his competitors - "you see the value of protection"

Bomb half-full, or bomb half-empty?

Does Netanyahu bluff: "I've got a very short fuse"

How will Ahmedinejad respond? Another Venezuelan-Iranian fart-joke initiative?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Marriage vows: Liberal party beastiary

Animal rights activist Cory Bernardi brought the Marriage act's treatment of 'Animal Love' front and centre this week. Liberal party activists are over the moon. Animals in the ranks can finally get married. With the new amendments, not only people and corporate persons, but all animal life can now marry into polyamorous unions as they please

Chris Pyne thinks it's icky, though that's par for the course with him

Do you, gentle Amoeba, take this corporate behemoth for a spouse, and will you, Macquarie Bank, honour and protect your protozoan companion? Will you both take Malcolm Turnbull, to have and to hold? Don't mention Goldman Sex...

Father Hairshirt Harry, officiating at the ceremony . Tony Abbott was nowhere to be found...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mitt the moocher: Polishing the Wall St Bull

Out oozes the financial genie, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney: "I'm no bullshitter. I have magic underpants" 

"I tell you the truth: 47% are redundant. They think they're entitled to food."

That's a stinker! What do Wall St bulls eat?

What next, lipstick on a Republican pig?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Billionaire saves Democracy

Like a Bondi cigar bobbing in the surf, the spectre of K Rudd haunts Australian politics

Interrupting his historic work relaunching the Titanic, World's Greatest Queenslander (of all time) Clive Palmer has some important advice for L-Plate premier Campbell Newman

 Politics 101 - Lesson 1
Don't put out the garbage yourself, that's what ministers are for

Don't upset billionaires. Wayne attacked billionaires when the Labor party was at 52%, and now now it's 22%

Lesson 3
Reread lesson 2 - look what happened to KRudd

Lesson 4
There's no need for influence peddlers in the party, when real naked interest is available, and I'm always available

It's been a real pleasure and I remain the last sentry at the gate to defend democracy in this country
Enough bull$hit, I'm off to the barricades to save the workers

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gina Rinehart's new opera: "Marikana"

With fantastic aria's including:
$2 a day
get back to work or I fire
a great diva deserves it all

Wonders what a bit of TV makeup can do. Just ask Mitt Romney

Gina's well known for her operatic work. At the press conference she couldn't help but belt out "I work hard for my money", as if to prove "I'm no snob"