Monday, June 29, 2015

Angela is unhappy

The negotiations are going swimmingly. Jeroen Dijsselbloem blithely whistles up a tune

Oh, how I love money
Mummy, money, for me

Christine Lagarde of the IMF thinks Greek Minister for Games Yanis Varoufakis is infinitely charming (Really!)

Angela Merkel has had a succession of Greek toyboys, who have always been so accommodating, George Papandreou was only kidding when he called a referendum, making a jole at his own expense, amd Antonis Samaris always had some lovely wine and a big fat joint waiting for her whenever she dropped by.

So this unmannered oaf Tsipras is quite a shock to the system, I'm scared he'll start rifling through my purse. Where's Sarko, at least he waited till he thought I was asleep

Monday, June 22, 2015

Euro jugglers

Super Mario, or, the man with the Golden arse

Recently unearthed archeological evidence seems to to support the myth that legendary Etruscan Central Bank head Tarquinius Draghi did really shit gold coins. Some might see this as a curse. He had to keep regular.

Quantative easing every morning before breakfast keeps me content. If I don't shit, I die

Has anyone see Elvis? Or Vladimir Putin? This is Alexis Tsipras.

Another IMF romance - Rough Love  of Christine Lagarde and Varoufakis, Talking about Euro golden showers

Mutual admiration society - Schaeuble and Varoufakis

The spirit of Varoufakis

Monday, June 15, 2015

On Water Matters: Creatures from the Lagoon

They are unmentionable in polite society
something has to be done, no questions asked
Stop the Marine Invertebrates.

Species of the genus Nudibrandis are known for spectacular venomous growths around their anus. They are produce no toxins and stinging cells themselves, but preserve and concentrate them from their diet

Nudibrandis Brandis Georgii and Nudibrandis Thingii

Nudibrandis Brandis Georgii defecating.

These hermaphroditic invertebrates emit a wide array of noises. perhaps to attract a mate, or put a meal to sleep. These sounds have an incredible resemblance to droning yet overwrought human speech, hence the vulgar names Attorney-General Slug, or Troll Slug

The Blue Ringed Dutton often appears to have its lips sewn shut, but don't be fooled by this ruse. Endemic from Maryborough to Tweed Heads, this poisonous creature can deliver a hotshot that will kill in moments.

If a Nudibrandis Brandis eats a Dutton, it becomes extremely dangerous

Don't be a political girly man. Don't touch the hair.

When first observed Matthias Cormann appeared to be a new species of moray eel. After further investigation it was classified as a giant tubeworm with an anemone on its head.

And don't get Cory Bernardi started on the marriage laws!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Citizen Governor, have a chocolate

While poor Bjorn Lomborg was pushed out into the Indian Ocean in an orange lifeboat, not everyone hates refugees. 

Petro Poroshenko not only gave lonely exile Mikhael Saakashvili asylum, he threw in a box of chocolates, Ukrainian citizenship, and made him governor of Odessa

Pro-Ukrainian citizens are thin on the ground in Odessa as fresh-faced fascists from the Kyiv post report. They require the encouragement of the strong

In the absence of suitable citizens PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk knows he'll have to manufacture or import some. 

Would Australia export live animal Scott Morrison to be the new governor of Odessa? Morrison was too busy sneering at people (for operational reasons) to consider the role.

John McCain knows all manner of political corpses. There's a filing cabnet full of the undead at Foggy Bottom. He had a suggestion. Saakashvili. our former zombie on the spot in Tbilisi, is now surplus to requirementshad to make a quick exit, try him.

His record on human rights is questionable, that should be perfect

He knows what will happen should he fail

Gina di Hancock-Lammermoor - the setup

Barnaby Joyce sings an aria to Gina Rinehart

I want to be your handbag.
 Prince Charles dreamt of being a tampon

offstage we hear Andrew Bolt
keep your effin' hands off her - she's mine

she responds

I am betrayed - you call yourself court jester
Open your mouth and say something useful
I want revenge on that little bitch
see me rage - I'll go mad

Vroom vroom
We hear wolf-whistles from the audience as
Bianca Rinehart says to her ma:
give me the keys to the big truck,
you know you promised to

Gina shrieks

An interlude of farce - PM Tony Abbott intervenes

Bianca - come to Jesus
You know you want it