Saturday, July 23, 2016

MC KRudd

Are you all nostalgic for the rhymes of MC KRudd and his Labor Party stooges ?

Brendan Nelson will be sad to see him go, but nevertheless he sees the benefit for Australia in inflicting his special skills on the UN secretariat

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Frydenberg, Minister for Coal Environment, speaks

The environment for coal is poor, it's even claimed to be not only  critically endangered but inevitably doomed by some misguided greenies and shills for the sun, not Shell or something bloody else decent - such as my partners and former employers at Deutsche Bank

Coal is good for you  You fucking peasants have been told! Listen to Homo Erectoid guru Tony Abbott clearly repeating it, over and over, in communion with the higher powers residing in and around the suppository of wisdom, an exclusive and somewhat unusual blue LNP cravatte, worn, um, internally. 

Not just good for you, bloody brilliant. Recent trials have confirmed that coal is an absolute killer when it comes to male pattern baldness. You can kiss that monkey goodbye. My hair is thicker than it ever was. Advanced hair, eat your heart out

It's not kaputt or defunct, simply resting, languidly extending and stretching its toes under the bucket carelessly kicked over by communists, Elon Musk and Lee Rhianon of the Watermelon Party. And there is plenty that my ministerial Fist of Frydenberg can do to save this keystone of our spirituality, the most prized fuel for the sacred combustion engine in our soul

It's not too late for coal, it's just coming into its own. Climate change can't faze it. If the wet bulb is at 40c and all living things have expired, coal will just carry on, it has no need to perspire, just inspire(poetic, don'tchaknow)

Policy detail will surely follow, yada yada, when it suits me, and I have received my instructions from the gentlemen of the bank, and the club

Friday, July 15, 2016

Baracking Gretschen, Rogering the Ailes

Gretschen Carlson to Barack Obama - looks good down there...

On the other hand

Roger  Ailes seems like a bit of a knob

but mind the Scottish drapes.

 In Donald Trump's wrinkly scrotum hang Rupert Murdoch(B1) and Roger(B2). Not all is as it seems

B1 and B2 admiring the banana

Hillary Clinton rolls her eyebrows

Moods of Mt Trump, part 2 - the Shitter

All that constipated rage has to go somewhere. And all those Mexicans would go elsewhere if an animatronic Trump was dropping 200 metre long turds on their heads at the border

Turdball Canape Team

How does it feel to be a newly minted electoral winner? Practice that shiteater grin PM Malcolm Turnbull- it's time to entertain some guests

Sometime Acting PM Barney Joyjoy and Fiona Nash as well as Julie Bishop have popped over for some dogfood on biscuits

What a colourful bunch of characters, Lucy thinks it's all such a scream

, he's not eating anything he didn't see made

Monday, July 11, 2016

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Malcolm's crushing experience

 Getting another Crusher in regional Tasmania - Australia says hello, and goodbye, to second rate spiv Malcolm Turnbull

Chris Pyne takes Malcolm's pointing fingers for an outing, cause the peolple got it so wrong