Sunday, July 21, 2013

I need a cigarette

Lynton Crosby, Johnny Howard's old campaign director from baby overboard days is now Lord Dodgy Dave Cameron's chief electoral strategist, as well as representing Philip Morris and some fracking concerns. 

Of course, he's not a lobbyist(Bwahahaha)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Markets R unreal, OK. Tyrannosaurus Rabbit speaks

The wisdom of right-wing politics, as explained by the his worship, Tony Abbott

CO2 is invisible and a market in it is unreal. Think about it!

On the other hand, most Australians prefer to be punched in the head by me. We have research, and that's the only research that matters.

While we're here: Ladies, do your bit for Australia and make love to an abbott, with the blessing of a bishop. Your little Australian will be an ornament for George Pell.

Now that's a market in real people, sold by someone to someone else. Nothing evilly abstract about it

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

They call him the KRudd

MC Kevin Rudd
and his band of
ALP Stooges

DJ A-Albanese - loops, sequences and beatings
Joel FitzGibbon is bass
Bill Shorten plays cutthroat rhythms
Penny Wong keys
Jenny Macklin vocal harmonies

and Bob Katter on guest triangle

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Murdoch on Blair

Doddery divorcee Rupert Murdoch fulminates at the country club. 

Next wife: the daughter of the guy who makes exercise equipment for the undead

My Favourite Murderer : Obama in Africa

More drones, more reruns of the kill-list on TV

Mandela lies on his deathbed, and the Jackal circles, seeking his mantle. The rhetorical emoting of Barry O'Bomber


Fall of the Brothers

 Faces from the second Egyptian revolution - "the People want the fall of the Brothers!"