Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Personal attention from your guru

The WARPIG master flew straight to Washington to make sure the pupil was taking his lessons.

WARPIG speaking tour

The ultimate double bill for war promotion.

PM of a theocratic state head to head with the head of the theocratic resistance. Army of god v army of god. Rock and roll wrestling with RPGs and nuclear weapons.

The warpigs promote fear to transfer public resources to the security thugs and wartech corporations, feeding every nations external paranoia(and internal repression). The tanks Syria's regime uses against its civilians come from a vast cold war arsenal. Nasrallah, the Hezbollah resistance leader has surprised many by backing Bashar Assad's Baathist/Alawite regime against its people

Defense against Israel allows Syria to torture its children to death in the name of the status quo of death - they are infiltrators by definition if they spray graffiti or otherwise defy the defenders of Syria. Israeli snipers shoot Palestinian schoolkids in a semi-random game.

Can either Nasrallah or Netanyahu imagine life without the armies, the restrictions, the cult of 'security'

Farewell to Senator Barnett. the censor-aspirant

stamen of a union jack flower?

Doing his bit for propaganda employment, outgoing Senator Guy Barnett proposed that all 'artwork' for display in Australia be submitted for censorship - no doubt by some Christian 'charity' of Barnett's invention.

A whole new sector dependent on government-funded repression, who must appear to believe to get paid

Greenspin => Green, not Green!

Sing an ode to irrational exuberance! To handsomely endowed princes of the free market

don't get out of the pool!

Liberal politicians just used to wear a funny hat to the beach for a few laughs. Since Hairshirt Harry brought his speedos to national attention, every aspiring leader has to parade their overfed equipment

Here's Victoria's Ted Baillieu, announcing his arrival as premier.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The civic amusement called 'Pocket Billions'

Some mistake George Papandreou for a Socialist politician. In reality he's a Harvard man, stooging his people for Goldman Sachs and the Rothschilds, borrowing his facial hair from John Lipsky of the IMF. Here he takes advice from a peer.
He looked like he thought he was a million bucks here - maybe he'd collected a few percent. He was looking a bit queasy later, however. The exile of the national disgrace may not seem so appealing, waiting with Mubarak.

Envy the protesters as the coppers play chasy. George Papandreou will never enjoy the freedom of the streets again - the price of betrayal

Debastardising the ADF

Easier said than done. Can Duntroon survive without its core curriculum? And how to unleash a debastardised army on a civilian population, particularly one's own -  lest the west demand a Spring of its own?

Without bastards they might fraternize with the people, and load their weapons with flowers.

But Australia's not  defenceless yet

The top general of the army makes sure the message gets out there. I may not outrank Misery Houston, but I'm sure as hell more miserable than you.

Up at Forward Operating Base Hellhole, qualified bastards maintain discipline and morale, and secretly plot against democracy

His Hairiness lets the tonsure show

Hairshirt Harry meets the Dalai Lama. And Tony Abbott

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Danby's voodoo shrine

invoking bad juju, or trying hard anyway, today we peek into Michael Danby's personal hate shrine devoted to Elena Ceauscescu and Lee Rhianon, and any other perceived dissident from the Zionist line.

Of course, it's not real hate speech, its just for theatrical rehearsal

Khaki green Martin Ferguson

Oil's such messy stuff, and nucular, so clean, right?

In any case there's a lot of money to be made, as under the carbon tax we plan to increase coal production! Julia said so just yesterday. If someone else burns it, it's none of our responsibilty, OK, and if they burn it to make something we import we're doubly lucky, as they make the mess in their country. 

We just have to dig ours up

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Premier of the Society for Boosting Bank Profits by Property Speculation

Also, the Minister for Silly Walks and Obscure Handshakes. And of course, real estate agents.

He just told a great joke about how any promises made to teachers, students, and their families in an election campaign are just some past commentary. He laughed till he cried.

 Who pays any attention to that stuff! Ha! What's important is to maintain Melbourne's position as the most livable city in the world, for people with cars from Hawthorn.