Monday, March 14, 2011

Misery at the Frontlines

Our man Misery Houston, Air-Field marshal or some such, presses the flesh with the troops, or at least some blokes in camo in front of a shed. He's in camo himself, proving that in the Australian army, even the brass hats wear a really crappy floppy hat.

The other thing Misery proves, and with breathtaking agony, is that the Aussie military is a hierarchy of unhappiness: while the officers and other ranks are valiantly depressed and otherwise ill-at-ease, each in keeping with their rank, he is himself unrivalled at the summit, certainly in this era, if not all others.

If more evidence is required, take a look at this slightly less miserable subordinate

Friday, March 11, 2011

signor BungaBunga

plastic surgery has converted BungaBunga's face into a misshapen assemblage of features

western intervention

the white man's burden as a boy.
When the Stasi's offices in Berlin were attacked by protesters in 1989, Vladimir Putin is supposed to have defended the repressive apparatus's files, brandishing a pistol before the crowd. Can you see British PM Cameron, or Barack Obama, or US defence secretary Robert Gates doing the same at the offices of the Egyptian secret police. And yet seeing those files from their no 1 renditioning torturer made public is as disastrous for the US as the Stasi files for the old Honecker regime

mossad spies
suburban reprisals in Libya