Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Djinn with an evil hangover

Like coal, Prince Philip is good for humanity. When the Rhodes scholar and eminent phycisist Tony Abbott became PM he offered these words of advice -

"Tone, you should lay off the cones"

But he wouldn't be told

"Team Australia, c'est moi"

He pressed ahead with plans to generate infiniite energy by mind-melding with ancient feudal entities, with the Duke of Edinburgh as a test platform,

even though a previous attempt with SBY in Indonesia didn't work out so well

Monday, January 26, 2015

Fossils fuel Monuments

Abdullah Imperial HeloPort and Campbell Newman's outcropping hill of coal seam gas.

Tony Blair hunted

The ICC snatch squad pursue Tony Blair.

Peter Dutton's lips are sealed

Minister Dutton sews lips shut in solidarity with Asylum seekers in immigration detention

In a gesture of compassion, the Gold Coast drug squad's rep in federal cabinet joins refugees on deck of a vessel attempting unauthorised passage to await processing  by operation sovereigns and doubloons