Sunday, May 22, 2011

Piers, the Kaka-man

A big producer ...

The generals trade haikus

The security establishment is bereft.

For now they seek solace in poetry, hoping to dream up a fearsome incantation

To lose Osama
is such a bummer
Where shall we get another

Mike Mullen and Ashfaq Kayani

mossad love a reformer

Hilary Clinton and MI6 love a reformer too.

Interestingly 'Bashar the reformer' was an English Opthamologist during his days as a reformer in waiting, waiting to ascend the Syrian throne. When his father died and he made his triumphant return, the foreign correspondents of the English press gloated, reflecting their masters' glee. 

You could call it a conversion on the road to Damascus

Friends of democracy and freedom

Tonight's menu includes repression, with Ban Ki Moon sauce.

As Mubarak fell, Saudi Abdullah, who's even older than Rupert Murdoch, rushed home from surgery to orchestrate  a programme of repression in the region, tanks to Bahrain, support for the Yemen regime, which  Obama either approves of, or he's too frightened of the people who supposedly work for him, cause he hasn't said a word

the Satyr of Middle Harbour

Advanced hair, approved by 'Klimate Septiks', and worn by Hairshirt Harry

Hairshirt Harry walks like a duck

Tony Abbott touring the provinces with General Chaos of the US marines, as the speaker Harry Jenkins supervises his errant children