Saturday, August 30, 2014

Christine Lagarde of the IMF - I am not guilty

Christine Lagarde has been accused of organising a $500 000 000 kickback to Bernard Tapie, a colourful business identity and donor to the presidential campaign of her boss Nicolas Sarkozy of the UMP

Lagarde: Evidemment, I am not guilty, as any fool can see that this devious starfish is responsible. It has disgraced the independent remuneration panel I appointed it to lead

Starfish: Bof, the gall!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kim Williams - bullet points from a bullet head

Dum-Dum ammunition has been fired, no war crime in the corporate context. Impacts have turned Kim Williams head into an even clunkier projectile

- Is Rupert Murdoch a feudal throwback? you said it - how did you guess? In any case there's no need to make up new words to describe my repudiated, former liege lord

Does the Australian lose money? bwahaha

How does one calculate and book the value of investment in an influence peddling network? Is Rebecca Brooks still available as a firewall?

Just how does Andrew Bolt massage his masters wrinkles, spookily far away in New York? Haptic touchy-feelies and a couple of iphones

eeeeuuw - don't visualise that!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ferguson. Modern policing

Hands up, don't shoot

Police murdering youth

Nathan Tinkler and his mates

Bought up all the MPs in the lower hunter, and a little more besides

Mike Gallagher  - what price the police ministry?

NSW Premier Bruce Baird knows there are certain traditions that have to be upheld.

But a Charlestown Lib and his wife got more than they bargained for

Swansea's Gerry Edward's communes with the ghost of Barry O'Farrell, crying into an empty bottle of Grange

I'm huntin' wabbits. (Never let a crisis go to waste)

Tony Abbott's going take this opportunity to clean up the NSW Liberal Party

Another MP Ko-ed - Owen announces his resignation

Monday, August 4, 2014

Liberal cackling

Gina Rinehart and Chris Pyne cackle to see Joe Hockey going apeshit