Sunday, December 5, 2010

porker owns casinos

The trencherman with his hand in your pocket, if you're a sucker for mechanised gambling.

The hero of capitalism, lionised because he has the gall to create, manipulate, and exploit pathological gambling addictions. If this system won't collapse of its own accord, it's time to demolish it: our survival demands it. We cannot afford endless growth and exploitation, simply to aggrandise fatcats with their impoverished minds, who need an oversized pile of tokens to compensate their inadequacy. Let them have an education, and understand that whatever wealth is at some moment in history, it's all in the mind, and that real status is earned through service to your community and society - which does not equate to psy-ops and brainwashing.

Let Porker gamble for match sticks, or something equally harmless, or make money a token that is only usable for gambling

From each according to their ability, to each according to their need. This credo of social organisation is itself imperfect and problematic, but for fairness and justice it is manifestly superior to "I saw it first, so it's mine, if only you'll tell me what it is", and we've made a society work according to that cretinous rule, so anything is possible for a species with our imagination and adaptability

governance of the opium fields: words of advice

Taliban rule was unacceptable because it closed the opium industry, and with it the off-budget funding of spooks and mafiosi and the biggest protection racket of them all. But, to give human rights to women, that well known feminist, Dick Cheney, corrected this state of affairs.

Naive latte and chardonnay(oaked or unoaked?) drinkers might complain about the chaos, the indiscriminate rain(reign) of death from predator drones hooked to playstation consoles. But a new world is not born in the cold light of day. The stultification of a functioning system of law would paralyse the dynamism of capitalism. The revolutionary army of the US of A needs a free hand, unencumbered by the carping criticism of interfering civilians, or it cannot play its part as the midwife of democracy and enduring freedom.

Talk of rigged elections is inconvenient however. It scares the horses. Learn from the west: whatever the reality, the appearance of propriety is essential. If the TV says it was free and fair, then so it was. End of debate.

It appears that the pressures of government are building in Ms Gillard's rear.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

the big lie technique

if you want to tell a lie, tell a big one, and repeat it until it is believed implicitly

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hairshirt Harry gets hot and heavy with our Julia

Hands off our Julia, you beastly cad. Can't you think about governing the country, or something?

great speech, Harry

Hairshirt Harry congratulates an Oxford boxing blue on another great speech.

family shooting centre

You can't invent a name like that!

With the tragic circumstance of the twins suicide pact at the family shooting centre, it begins to look like the family euthanasia centre, where the family goes when the GFC all becomes too much

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Comrade Tintin

despatches from the Long March of comrade Tintin

operator bitar ()

Karl Bitar

ALP++ overloaded operator bitar() returns chaos and fubar. His mind is a self-replicating, semi-intelligent microsoft spreadsheet


Wilkie, and Adam Bandt, the green boy wonder



 ... and windsor

wayne and julia's babies

who says Julia Gillard is barren? She and Wayne Swan invoke a swarm of babies at Swan's annual bring on the babies event in his electorate.

Hairshirt Harry is only miffed(puzzled and hurt) that he is not making babies with Ms Gillard