Sunday, December 5, 2010

governance of the opium fields: words of advice

Taliban rule was unacceptable because it closed the opium industry, and with it the off-budget funding of spooks and mafiosi and the biggest protection racket of them all. But, to give human rights to women, that well known feminist, Dick Cheney, corrected this state of affairs.

Naive latte and chardonnay(oaked or unoaked?) drinkers might complain about the chaos, the indiscriminate rain(reign) of death from predator drones hooked to playstation consoles. But a new world is not born in the cold light of day. The stultification of a functioning system of law would paralyse the dynamism of capitalism. The revolutionary army of the US of A needs a free hand, unencumbered by the carping criticism of interfering civilians, or it cannot play its part as the midwife of democracy and enduring freedom.

Talk of rigged elections is inconvenient however. It scares the horses. Learn from the west: whatever the reality, the appearance of propriety is essential. If the TV says it was free and fair, then so it was. End of debate.

It appears that the pressures of government are building in Ms Gillard's rear.

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