Sunday, December 5, 2010

porker owns casinos

The trencherman with his hand in your pocket, if you're a sucker for mechanised gambling.

The hero of capitalism, lionised because he has the gall to create, manipulate, and exploit pathological gambling addictions. If this system won't collapse of its own accord, it's time to demolish it: our survival demands it. We cannot afford endless growth and exploitation, simply to aggrandise fatcats with their impoverished minds, who need an oversized pile of tokens to compensate their inadequacy. Let them have an education, and understand that whatever wealth is at some moment in history, it's all in the mind, and that real status is earned through service to your community and society - which does not equate to psy-ops and brainwashing.

Let Porker gamble for match sticks, or something equally harmless, or make money a token that is only usable for gambling

From each according to their ability, to each according to their need. This credo of social organisation is itself imperfect and problematic, but for fairness and justice it is manifestly superior to "I saw it first, so it's mine, if only you'll tell me what it is", and we've made a society work according to that cretinous rule, so anything is possible for a species with our imagination and adaptability

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