Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Djinn with an evil hangover

Like coal, Prince Philip is good for humanity. When the Rhodes scholar and eminent phycisist Tony Abbott became PM he offered these words of advice -

"Tone, you should lay off the cones"

But he wouldn't be told

"Team Australia, c'est moi"

He pressed ahead with plans to generate infiniite energy by mind-melding with ancient feudal entities, with the Duke of Edinburgh as a test platform,

even though a previous attempt with SBY in Indonesia didn't work out so well


  1. He is trying hard with all the wrong persons

  2. Creating knighthoods and awarding one to Phil the Greek was a masterstroke.

    Has he (Prince Philip) had anything to say or do about the crisis in Greece? Surely he has at least made a joke in poor taste