Monday, June 15, 2015

On Water Matters: Creatures from the Lagoon

They are unmentionable in polite society
something has to be done, no questions asked
Stop the Marine Invertebrates.

Species of the genus Nudibrandis are known for spectacular venomous growths around their anus. They are produce no toxins and stinging cells themselves, but preserve and concentrate them from their diet

Nudibrandis Brandis Georgii and Nudibrandis Thingii

Nudibrandis Brandis Georgii defecating.

These hermaphroditic invertebrates emit a wide array of noises. perhaps to attract a mate, or put a meal to sleep. These sounds have an incredible resemblance to droning yet overwrought human speech, hence the vulgar names Attorney-General Slug, or Troll Slug

The Blue Ringed Dutton often appears to have its lips sewn shut, but don't be fooled by this ruse. Endemic from Maryborough to Tweed Heads, this poisonous creature can deliver a hotshot that will kill in moments.

If a Nudibrandis Brandis eats a Dutton, it becomes extremely dangerous

Don't be a political girly man. Don't touch the hair.

When first observed Matthias Cormann appeared to be a new species of moray eel. After further investigation it was classified as a giant tubeworm with an anemone on its head.

And don't get Cory Bernardi started on the marriage laws!

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