Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gina di Hancock-Lammermoor - the setup

Barnaby Joyce sings an aria to Gina Rinehart

I want to be your handbag.
 Prince Charles dreamt of being a tampon

offstage we hear Andrew Bolt
keep your effin' hands off her - she's mine

she responds

I am betrayed - you call yourself court jester
Open your mouth and say something useful
I want revenge on that little bitch
see me rage - I'll go mad

Vroom vroom
We hear wolf-whistles from the audience as
Bianca Rinehart says to her ma:
give me the keys to the big truck,
you know you promised to

Gina shrieks

An interlude of farce - PM Tony Abbott intervenes

Bianca - come to Jesus
You know you want it

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