Sunday, September 16, 2012

Billionaire saves Democracy

Like a Bondi cigar bobbing in the surf, the spectre of K Rudd haunts Australian politics

Interrupting his historic work relaunching the Titanic, World's Greatest Queenslander (of all time) Clive Palmer has some important advice for L-Plate premier Campbell Newman

 Politics 101 - Lesson 1
Don't put out the garbage yourself, that's what ministers are for

Don't upset billionaires. Wayne attacked billionaires when the Labor party was at 52%, and now now it's 22%

Lesson 3
Reread lesson 2 - look what happened to KRudd

Lesson 4
There's no need for influence peddlers in the party, when real naked interest is available, and I'm always available

It's been a real pleasure and I remain the last sentry at the gate to defend democracy in this country
Enough bull$hit, I'm off to the barricades to save the workers

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