Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Sun King never tells a lie

Rupert Murdoch dreams of Silvio Berlusconi, and never tells a lie to the Leveson inquiry . "Blackmail business" - what exactly is 'blackmail', and how could I make a business from a concept I do not comprehend?

His little (lightweight) mate came in to back him up. Why Gordon "Magic Puddin'" Brown is well known as an habitual liar. Wouldn't trust a word he says, though he makes a great diversion to hang blame on. There, settled that up

Call me Dave makes a jokey evasive appearance. He says TV is very important, and newspapers not so much, so it was important not to let a trivial thing like phone hacking in newspapers get in the way of an important deal to deliver absolute control of TV to some bloke or other, whose name he can't recall, but with whom he's dined on a number of occasions. And of course he and Rebekah Brooks had not formed some sort of shady menage, why she was married to a schoolchum, and they almost never swapped spouses

And Cameron denies having sex with James Murdoch, 'although there was some intellectual intercourse

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