Tuesday, June 19, 2012

democracy v democracy: the wargame

Vlad 'the putinator' Putin watches in 3-d.

This is the Kremlin remake of a Hollywood feature. The politics of the original were most unsatisfactory, but this is MUCH better

inter-ducing Mike 'the mikebot' McFaul, silver medallist in the 2008 international chatbot Olympics, and new US ambassador in Moscow. He's the villain of the piece(Hero in imbecile American production)

On arriving in Moscow, the mikebot decides to meet with his team, and prove he is human

The American's tame environmentalists, feminist activists, opposition party officials and election monitors come to take their instructions.

McFaul shows them a powerpoint presentation

Russia controlled by this evil un-American monster

Putinator is not amused

Chirikova, the environmentalist has a dream

which will soon be rudely interrupted

as she comes out the Embassy door.
Busted by the champions of transparency at FSB TV(note John Travolta as sympathetic but stupid diplomatic guard). "This is all propaganda", she sighs

With her comes the boss of Yabloko, western friendly liberals, brandishing policy

Where's your Surkovian Propaganda now?

Shibanova, the boss of the State department funded election monitor Golos is with them too.

Slapstick and farce

It's all a very amusing prelude to telling Barack Obama to go f#*k himself

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