Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Gina Rinehart seeks Dance Partner

Fresh from rave reviews for starring in her own production of Marikana, our favourite operatic diva sought to expand her dominance of the world's pits and opera houses to further domains.

Her next production will be an all-dancing megahit to outdo Imelda Marcos.

Meanwhile, I'll step out on the town, and practise my moves, but I'll need a partner
I'm just a little waif, so I need a weighty intellectual, a man with a pulpit to express my opinions.

What's a billionaire to do? There's Andrew Bolt or Barnaby Joyce. 

But what if he's dancing with Rupert?


This nice chap from the Menzies Institute might do. So articulate and brave, voracious and all-consuming. Oh Atlas, his suit extends to infinity, such all-encompassing perspective

Don't laugh at the hippo after a night out raving
- very dangerous

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