Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Lomborg Consensus

Greg Hunt loves a benign environment and is always eager to please.

He has been busy handing millions to fossil fuel multinationals and looking for ways to hand over billions more. They are so pleased they had to come up with a special gift for him in return.

Poor Bjorn Lomborg is homeless and destitute, evicted from Denmark and barely sustaining himself on a pittance from a vulture capitalist and some other philanthropists.

 A man who can misrepresent statistics with such elan cannot be allowed to go to waste.

 They had a word to their good mate Tony Abbott, and he loved the idea. Chris Pyne is always gorgeously presented, so Tony gave him the job of wrapping the gift, then he and Peta would go and deliver it

Hunt is scared of Peta Credlin.

He saw her tear strips off Julie Bishop in front of everyone. Bishop had her laser eyes bolted shut, by order of the whip

Tony - your fly's undone

Hunt's Environment

Poor homeless Bjorn Lomborg is persona non grata in his native Denmark. Peta Credlin sent him over and now he won't shut up. There's an environment of consensus in Hunt's office. Find somewhere for Lomborg, somewhere remote

All that remains is for Malcolm Turnbull to calibrate Lomborg for Australia's notorious conditions

Julie Bishop will hold a big party when he gets to WA, MCed by Matthias Cormann, with laser displays and an extra heavy duty dance floor for Gina Rinehart and the rest of the herd to carve up in harmony and consensus

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