Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rushing to save the Condemned

Diplomatic Emergency

Tony Abbott rushes to save the condemned. Or harvest their souls like a deathbed priest

Myuran Sukumaran

Andrew Chan points out death before they look their killers in the eye

For Jokowi this is excellent, Indonesia is so hardcore, Megawati is sated, and as far as that noxious Australian PM is concerned I proved I do not [ Eric Cartman voice] respect his authority! This is something to celebrate.

 He orchestrates a metal version of the national anthem

Tony Abbott is not going to let Jokowi celebrate this grisly farce on his own. From his padded cell in Canberra he contains his ANGER by issuing press releases about how, like him, we should be angry, angrily containing our angry(but contained) anger. Our Justified Anger. We should not act on the basis of our angry, yet restrained yet angrily expressed anger. Angry measures of anger, hogsheads.

It would be a tragedy not to gain an advantage from this.

Jokowi and Tony have so much in common - Tony's listening to God Save the Queen and fantasising about Prince Harry

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