Saturday, April 23, 2016

Family Values: The Caymans

Playing dressups - the National Security Committee in Cabinet .

Wyatt Roy looks much better in pigtails, and heaven knows the Liberal Party could do with a little gender fluidity.

Gomez has such great ideas all the time, it's hard to keep up with the transfers to and from the Cayman Islands to finance all those bubbling ideas. We should have blind trust in him, and something in his blind trust.

George Brandis is feeling around, ready to rip out Malcolm Turnbull's heart, while Peta Credlin reads bedtime horror stories to Wyatt and Pugsley Peter Dutton

Morticia keeps Mal Cayman on his toes, you have to be agile with grenades going off all around. Like, who had the smart idea of putting a detonator in Sophie Mirabella's head. Still, it could have been Grandmama Frump, or Bronwyn Bishop.  Matthias Cormann is also lurking around

Exciting times for a family like the Caymans. No-one can wait for the reading of the will.

The flags will protect us, for they are like a shield of steel

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