Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Chocolate Soldier's War

Plant a tree

Fertilise it with blood and bone.

Tony Abbott would like to thank the Ukrainian regime for the Australian bodies they have so kindly delivered.

In return we agree to declare the black boxes and air traffic control records top secret. Not that anyone has anything to hide

Meanwhile, ll innocent like, Vladimir Putin waits at the negotiating table, as troops not under his command turn the tables on the battlefield

Voodoo dreams. 

John Kerry, foreign minister of the Undead States of America fills Poroshenko's head with narcotic visions of the army of hell sweeping all before it with the Chocolate oligarch himself in command.

To sweeten the deal he mobilises  advance battalions of orcs, but never quite enough to prevail

Back in the world of Realpolitik Angela Merkel and Putin decide how to divide the praline to their mutual satisfaction

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