Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vlad the hangglider - Papa Crane leads his flock

Vladimir Putin loves his animals

  "Vlad the hangglider", fresh from taming Pussy Riot, takes to the skies while his ICBMs still have freedom to roam.

Barack Obama is pissed off - No publicity stunts during my re-election campaign

 Papa Crane leads his flock south

 past spooky NATO radar installations
 Papa Crane's children are threatened by NATO missile defense

 Back at Control HQ, in the cone of silence, O'Bummer showcases his latest hat:

"My force shield shall protect you"

Over in Afghanistan, no force field protected 8 marine Harriers lined up at Camp Bastion

As Anders Fogh ('fog') Rasmussen says: this is not a retreat, this mission will be a great success as long as we are careful to define success as we go along

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