Friday, October 12, 2012

Foriegn minister dreams of assassination

Listen up, little monsters

Bashar Assad looks like the walking dead, but that won't stop Bob Carr. Bob never deals in hypotheticals, only "we'd know the conflict has evened up if there is a major defection... sounds brutal and callous, perhaps an assassination combined with a major defection"

Why stop at Bashar. The state has many enemies, within and without.

Julia Gillard conceives a fiendish plan

But a caution: "Don't knock Alan Jones. When I was premier of NSW, he was my best mate."
 Julian Assange torments US donkeys and elephants, flaunts his bunga bunga in the embassy. The free world is a laughing stock. We need brown-eye points from the Americans. Every man his own septic tank

ya baby,  educating Lady Gaga about Ecuador, and giving the public the means to exercise its right to know what governments do in their name

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