Sunday, July 1, 2012

There be monsters - at the Liberal conference

It's a strange world where you find yourself agreeing with Clive Palmer, up to a point

Clive's deadset against any more lobbyists in politics. There's plenty of billionaires whose direct input is available. 

Look who he's up against, Santa(to himself) Santoro. Another shape-shifting lizard from the Queensland LNP. What's in the water up there?

What's a conflict of interest? We're all mates around here

Alexander Downer,  foreign minister when the AWB kickback scam was on, and Reserve bank subsidiaries were bribing foreign officials, such as the head of Vietnam's secret police

After negotiating cars with Prince Jefri of Brunei, and negotiating peace on Cyprus(fruitlessly in both cases, but not before pissing everyone off),  A Downer picked up nice gig as a Lib vice-President. He's a director of the privatised spooks at Hakluyt(now famous for their employment of the guy whose murder brought Bo Xilai down). Perhaps they can explain his old habit of quoting Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld in advance

Locally he's got a lobbying company with (ex-Labor Senator) Nick Bolkus and the hubbie of (ex-Democrat Senator) Natasha Stott-Despoja. How cute, how cosy!

Tony Abbott is outside with his pan pipes, waiting for J-Liar, and the full moon

If you do find yourself agreeing with Clive, remember he's a prototype Chinese chatbot with colourful views programmable on timeshare. So the feeling will probably pass

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