Saturday, July 7, 2012

The bankers pout = a consortium of octopuses

Bob Diamond, the face of the octopus

Dave's Gherkin, scene 2

Some fellow on the trading floor dropped his trousers for a bottle of Bollinger, but we'll soon get to the bottom of that (BOOM BOOM)

Sir Michael Agius, pouting on behalf of the Barclays board

It was some rogue trader what done it, but someone must show responsibility, so why don't I resign for a day and then resume my chair.

A phone call to Tucker, muddy the waters...

We'll have to throw Bob under the bus I'm afraid.
trust me, I'm from the Bank of England.

Call in independent director Sir Michael Rake(I'm not making this up). Looks like a wonderful chap, and wonderfully independent of course

Next up, George Osborne gets spanked, but will he enjoy it?

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