Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thumbs down, or, DIY death squad

Democracy, Murdoch style. Thumbs down for the vanquished

The crowd wait for Dominique Strauss-Kahn, primed for hate. A banker who rapes maids. But the maid seems to have been paid $US 100,000 to make her complaint, by a deniable(for the real hand behind these charges) drug-dealer.

[LIPsky pic here]

Waiting in the wings, John Lipsky, the American deputy of the IMF stood ready to do the work of the hedge funds, and return to the IMF's (discredited) usual line on structural adjustment, which Strauss-Kahn had begun to distance the institution from. Endebted states must take more loans(at usurious rates), and pauperize their citizens for the benefit of hedge funds who speculate in bonds and bank debt, and, not coincidentally, massaged the European sovereign debt problem to precipitate an uncontrolled crisis. Speculators make money from volatility and fear.

In collusion with them, the ratings agencies(also discredited) demand that taxpayers(ie not the rich, who don't do tax), crystallise the 'profits' of these anti-democratic stooges. Actually, these funds made a dumb investment, and should lose their shirts(and trousers too, if that's what it takes), rather than cry poor and steal money from the people.

These same 'volk' have invested bigtime in the prison-industrial complex. That's their bed. They sponsor media that rails against 'softness on crime'. Let them(and those corrupt political and institutional leaders who facilitated the scam) be remanded in custody, tried, and if guilty, locked in it. Theft is a crime, or? They're not too big to gaol.

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