Sunday, July 3, 2011

democracy: the simulation

Greece, founder of democracy, land of the golden mean. Parliament has not much of the former, none of the latter. The building owes more to Louis XIV than the Parthenon, a palace of executive fiat for a provincial satrap built with the methods and materials of brutalism. The PM is the simulacrum of a Greek PM, he's got the right name, the very image of a modern social democrat, but he's a creature of Harvard and Wall St, and probably thinks he's doing the right thing: "painful but necessary decisions". What he believes to be thought is propaganda: couldn't imagine his way out of a paper bag. But if he had clear directions ...

This parliament's Greek, so the shyster architect put columns on the facade, but the ratios that give ancient Greek architecture its beauty and harmony are nowhere to be seen. A crude and unconvincing fake. This is appropriate enough for a 'democratic' apparatus that uses its citizens to satisfy a corrupt global financial system, and mirrors the ugly but stupid thinking of unelected hedge fund plutocrats, who can't create a thing of beauty, even for themselves.

Don't laugh however at Greece's expense. Greece is just the first to fall. US Warmongers on credit(3 trillion in the hole, and still digging)are plotting to steal the savings of all their allies, and their own people's. It's not theft however, it's a higher calling. Why waste money on farm animals? The war machine is too big to fail.

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