Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Send in the clowns

Kevin Andrews - "really, I'm a lot uglier than that"

The barnacles, the debacles, the thrills of spills, day after day the parliamentary clown fire brigade outdo their latest triumph

Tony Abbott surrenders.

The liar in chief

Look Ma, I can do this without crossing my fingers

Bronwyn Bishop can only applaud her love-child's conduct and good government from the Speaker's chair

And who couldn't indulge the endearing antics of Christopher Pyne, leader of the clowns

Arthur Sinodinos  used to give advice to Johnny Howard on how to make the most of a cheap suit, now takes leave from the NSW ICAC to offer the Liberal party some advice in his role as Guardian of Government Morals.

Note the streamlined head affording high manoeuvrability in tight spaces in both forward and reverse gears

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