Monday, April 4, 2011

defenders of democracy

as the 'west' intervenes in Libya, 'pro-government thugs' open fire on an unarmed crowd of demonstrators at the university in Yemen, killing 50 and wounding hundreds. As Yemenis united in their demand that the president leave, his regime was orchestrating the handover of a province where government garrisons withdrew to be replaced by 'Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular', Saleh's ally and enemy ( with the added result in one of the towns of an explosion at an ordnance and explosives factory formerly guarded by soldiers, killing 120)

The US demands that Saleh remain in power as an ally in the war on Error, or at the least his sons should retain control of the 'Counter-Errorist' forces. 

Saleh is also implicated in supplying Somali pirates. All these pirates and terrorists are required to justify the black ops and secret wars, so the unaccountable deep state outfits responsible for prosecuting the war on Error, and otherwise 'maintaining stability', can continue to expand their empires and influence over the world's affairs

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