Thursday, January 13, 2011

Travails of a coca banker

'Sir Allen', confidant of Antiguan politicians and a sponsor of the English Cricket Board was running a money laundering outfit disguised as a get-rich-quick ponzi scheme. In the aftermath of Bernie Madoff the SEC moved in and froze his banks assets, preempting, it's said, the DEA

But there are ways of delaying or preventing unwanted testimony. Like Allan Bond, you could have a stroke, or contrive medical records proving as much, and then say 'I don't recall'. Since going to some Texas prison to await trial, in the space of a year Sir Allen has been beaten around the head twice and acquired a sedative habit. As he appeared in neck brace and shackles, the lawyers feinted and counterfeinted around the question: just when would Stanford be competent to answer questions. Was he just a pill-head, who could be force-detoxed, or had he acquired a brain injury rendering him permanently unfit?

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